Your Past Users Are Your Future Opportunities

Increase your sales pipeline with warm leads that perform 5x better because they already know your product


No more cold outreach!


Automatically receive a new lead whenever your user changes their job so you can prospect into their new company.

Our customers have seen 5x higher response rates for UserGems leads than their typical leads.

Removes SDR research time


SDRs get all the information they need to reach out - without having to do any additional research.

You know where your past users work now, in what role and where they worked when they were your customer - and since you also get their new email address you can reach out immediately.


Set it and forget it


Natively integrated into your, UserGems can be up and running within a day.

After that, the only thing that reminds you of UserGems are the new high quality leads each month.

Case Study


UserGems paid for itself twice over within six months
Periscope Data integrated UserGems into their Salesforce system within two weeks. Their sales reps now automatically receive thousands of additional high quality leads every month.

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Automatically get hundreds of warm leads - each month

Example for a company with 1,000 customers and 10 users at each customer.

10,000 Users


20 Months

Average time at a company


500 Warm Leads / Month

These leads work at a new company and already know your product

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